Committee Reports & Information

Lake Management Committee Reports and Information

Lake Management Chair: Pete Macauley


Sand Lake Water Quality Report 2019

Sand Lake Lake Management Plan 2019


Sand Lake Water Quality Report 2018

Sand Lake Lake Level Presentation (June 2 2018)


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Sand Lake 2017 Creel Report (Posted 10/2018)

Sand Lake AVAS Fall 2017

Water Quality Report Sand Lake 2017

Sand EWM 2014-2017

Sand Lake LMP and recommendations 2017 (1)


UPDATED: Lake Treatment:  The “bump-up”  Treatment for Eurasian Water Milfoil is scheduled June 19, 2107.

UPDATED DATE! Special Notice – Upcoming Lake Treatment:  The Spring Treatment for Eurasian Water Milfoil which was complete May 15, 2017.

Additionally, you should have receive the Summer 2017 treatment notice via US Mail (click link above to view).  If you do not receive this notice via US Mail, please call your respective township (Cambridge or Franklin, depending on your lake location) to ensure they have your address properly noted.

Please read the attached important update from PLM regarding the mapping of Sand Lake the effect it has on the 2017 lake management plan. Click here: Sand Lake Fluridone Area Revision 2017 and Sand Lake Contract Addendum

SUMMER 2017 and SUMMER 2018 TREATMENT SELECTION (background):  During the Summer of 2015, Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) samples were taken from various locations around Sand Lake and sent to a testing laboratory for replanting and, ultimately, herbicide susceptibility testing.  The purpose of this process is to provide the Sand Lake community with data to use when determining the most efficient and effective approach to managing the invasive plant species, EWM.  Once the plant reaches viability in the lab (returning to healthy growth after transfer), various herbicides are applied to the samples and the effects are observed and recorded.  Unfortunately, for the Summer 2015 samples, viability was not achieved and testing could not be performed.  For Summer 2016 – lacking susceptibility data – the SLPOA decided to not treat the main body of the lake to manage EWM growth.  Instead, limited shoreline areas and canals were the only places treated.  These limited treatment areas were decided upon because they are historical problem areas and extreme growth was observed that prevented residents from using their lakefront property.

During Summer 2016, samples were again taken and sent to the lab for testing.  Results of those tests, treatment options and the selected Summer 2017 and Summer 2018 lake management program follow below:

Results of 2016 EWM sampling and Susceptibility Testing: CLICK HERE

2017 Recommendations from lake manager, PLM:  CLICK HERE

2017 and 2018 Treatment Selection and Final Proposal: CLICK HERE

SePRO Additional Guarantee: CLICK HERE


Timing of treatment(s) are dictated by mother nature.  During the Spring, a complete survey of the lake will be performed and notices sent to residents regarding treatment(s) and timing – which is based on the observed growth of the plants.  Please bookmark this page for further references and updates.

2016 Invasive Species Survey – The dots on the lake indicate all areas where Eurasian Water Milfoil was found.  The Lake Management committee recommended treatment of all shoreline, cove and canal areas.

2016 survey

LAKE MANAGEMENT Notice:  The PLM Lake Report for Summer 2015 results are available. Please click on the links below for Water Quality report and the fall AVAS survey results.  The SLPOA Lake Management Committee will convene to review 2015 actions and results, as well as determine the 2016 treatment protocol.  If you would like to attend the Lake Management Committee meeting, please contact Dowe.

Sand Lake AVAS & Map 2015

Sand Lake 2015 WQ Report

Please click the links below for important information regarding Sand Lake Management issues:
Important Treatment Information For Summer 2016: You received a treatment notice mailed to your address of record as filed with the township you live in, as required by the State of Michigan DEQ. This notice will provide information on herbicides that are used to manage invasive species in Sand Lake. If you do not receive this notice, please contact your township to make sure your mailing address is correct. A copy is here: 2016 Sand Lake Notice
Treatment dates are approximate due to the need for proper weather conditions. Currently, Sand is scheduled to be surveyed and mapped for invasive species during the early-June time frame. Within one week of the mapping (weather permitting), herbicide will be used to treat areas that are found to have invasive plants. Any required swimming restrictions will be posted via paper bulletins along the affected shore lines. Additional surveys will occur after the treatment (to visually measure the effectiveness of the treatment) and in late July (to determine if a secondary treatment is advisable). Spot treatment of shorelines and canals will be treated in early june to prevent the spread of invasive species through prop strikes. Please bookmark this page for future reference.


Sand Lake is treating Eurasian Water Milfoil using the herbicide Renovate from SePRO.  You can read the Material Data Safety Sheet (MDS) here: renovateotf_msds

Map of identified Eurasian Water Milfoil, Summer 2015 (July 28, 2015) and proposed treatment areas.  Click HERE: Sand July 2015 Treatment Plan

Make sure you review these two great presentations from Jason Broekstra of PLM and Angela Depalma-Dow of MSU:
Jason – Lake Management Planning
Angela – Cooperative Lake Program

Results of EWM DNA Testing Performed By Grand Valley State University: Sand Lake Genetic Testing Results

Results of Herbicide Resistance Testing Performed By SePRO: Sand Lake PlanTEST Confidential 20150219

Results of Fall 2014 Water Quality Testing Performed By PLM: Sand Lake 2014 WQ Report

LEARNING ABOUT MICHIGAN LAKE MANAGEMENT: Watch Dr. Jo Lattimore of the MSU Department of Fisheries and Wild Life discuss lake weed identification.

SLPOA – Lake Management Special Assessment District Renewal

Sand Lake Management Plan and Recommendations

Plant ID sheets

Sand Lake August 2014 Invasive Plant Survey and Recommendation

Sand Lake EWM GPS Location Points AUG 14 2014

Sand Lake Spring 2014 Invasive Plant Survey

Lake Management Meeting summary 3 15 14

SLPOA Lake Management member info 6 11 13

Sand Lake Spring Treatment May 6 2013

Lake Management Committee Jan 2013 Report

Lake Management Report March 2013