Landscaping for Water Quality





Inland lake native plants

Natural Shorelines prevent erosions, provide habitat for native species, and are beautiful. Two most destructive actions to our lakes ecosystem are:

1. Removal of the native vegetation

2. Hardening of the shoreline-seawalls

A. Scour-energy hits the seawall them bounces back out to the water. This energy them scoops out the lake bottom causing erosions of the base of the seawall.

B. Wave Flanking-Wave energy deflecting sideways to neighboring property -causing erosion

We are not suggesting residence to remove seawalls. Place rip-rap (midsize rocks) in front of the seawall to help reduce wave energy thus reducing wave flanking and scour. Rip-rap can also create a slope for allowing animals to access the land and provide places for aquatic insects and plans to grow. Add native plants to the rip-rap to add natural beauty to the lake shore. Reduce turf lawn and impervious surface near the shoreline.

The website below is an excellent resource for nature shoreline plants and suggestions

Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership



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