Sail Boat Race Top 3 Winners

Results of the Saturday, Sept. 1 Sail Boat Race
Here are the 3 top winners:

Open Class   1.  Sterling Big 4
                          2  Gross wave
                                 (Max and Margaret)
                          3.  Laser (Daniels )
                                  (Drew ..North Shore
Sunfish           1.  Dave Daniels and 
                               Easton…. grandson
                               His first race
                           2.   CJ Baldwin
                            3,   Michael Blank and 
                                   Bryn Gillen, niece
                                   Her first race
Hobie.              1,   Doug and Sabrina 
                            2.  Jake Neukom
                            3.  Clarke and Chad
                 .                  Baldwin
Thank you to all who participated.  There was a good number of sailboats,
a good wind, and all but one boat made it back home before the storm hit.
Thank you to the people who towed the boat in during the storm. They
all made it home safely.